Revolverheld Jakob Brass Sebastian Lind

Jan Termath

Pia Krah



|| Jakob Brass || Sebastian Lind ||

Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg

On this nice Friday evening we were on the way to the Sporthalle in Hamburg, together with many, many other fans of REVOLVERHELD. The band would play their for the time being last show on their „Immer in Bewegung“ Tour in their hometown before they will start part two of the tour at the end of the year. The Sporthalle was more than half full with strained fans. But before REVOLVERHELD themselves would enter the stage, they brought along two support bands, JACOB BRASS from Germany and SEBASTIAN LIND from Denmark.

The concert started at 7.30pm with the German singer JACOB BRASS. The 26 years old musician from Munich was standing all alone and only with his guitar on stage. It was very dark, some blue and white light spots were directed at him. His music was very calm and sensitive, but the audience was listening carefully and the applause was quiet strong for him. The singer told the audience that he was very lucky to stand on the stage on this evening, because only some weeks ago he had broken his arm and was not sure whether he would be able to sing this concert. At the last song, JACOB BRASS was able to motivate the crowd to sing along. It worked out fine. JACOB BRASS published only one EP until today, and so it came that the show was over after 20 minutes and five songs.

After only five minutes, the next support band entered the stage. Now it was time for SEBASTIAN LIND from Denmark. He brought along one more musician for the keyboard and the guitar and a drummer. SEBASTIAN LIND himself sang and played at some songs another second guitar. He welcomed the audience in German, then spoke along on English. He seemed to be known by the crowd, they clapped along just when the first sounds came on and his applause was also very ...

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