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Jan Termath

Helen Gerhardt


Poets of the Fall

|| Flight Brigade ||

Knust, Hamburg

Another cold, dark evening when I went to the next concert on my list, POETS OF THE FALL in Knust, Hamburg. It would be my first concert with POETS OF THE FALL and I was excited for what I should expect. I listened through their albums, especially ‘Clearview’, and read some reviews of the new album which said that there’s nothing really adventurous, new things. I wanted to experience it for myself. My first challenge was to get rid of my backpack because many other people had the same idea. FLIGHT BRIGADE began to play when I still was in line and waited for service. Then I tried to enter the crowd and realized that the concert surely was sold out. Although it was very full I caught a good place to view.

FLIGHT BRIGADE started the night. It’s a seven-strong band which is extremely familiar; Ollie and Miriam are married and Miriam and Dorry (vocalist and violinist) are sisters. The parents of them were also friends. This powerful connections can be heard through their music which is somewhat between rock with deep sounds, crossed by sounds of the violin and softer tones. Their new album, released 14th October 2016 is called ‘Our Friends Our Enemies’ and they played some songs out of it. The audience was longing but I think more for POETS OF THE FALL. But I also think that FLIGHT BRIGADE did a good job as support. One can be excited what they will do in future!

After a little pause for changing instruments, POETS OF THE FALL began their stage performance on this evening. After releasing their seventh studio album ‘Clearview’ they of course wanted to present their newest release live on tour. They were in Hamburg two years ago so it was awesome that they play in Knust, Hamburg again after two years. POETS OF THE FALL are six awesome people from Finland making alternative rock music since 2003. Their texts are like their name, poetical and with sense.

Even when the support band did a good job, but as we ...

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