Metal Dayz Alpha Tiger Profane Omen Hatesphere Tankard Finntroll Motorjesus

Jan Termath

Pia Krah

19.09.2014 bis 20.09.2014

Metal Dayz

|| Alpha Tiger || Profane Omen || Hatesphere || Tankard || Finntroll || Motorjesus ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

The second day of the METAL DAYZ 2014, in the frame of the Reeperbahn festival 2014, turned out to be similar to the first day: during the gigs on the stage of the big room of the Markthalle in Hamburg, in the other hall, the MarX, were different activities offered. Expert rounds, readings and comedy shows for the entertaining. The concerts itself started at five in the afternoon.

Opening act this evening was the Power Metal band ALPHA TIGER from Saxony. The big room was not filled with many people, but the audience which was there, was in good mood and supported the band well. The five guys from Freiberg, that were Stephan Dietrich (vocals), Peter Langforth (guitar), Alexander Backasch (guitar), Dirk Frei (bass) and David Schleif (drums) brought along much dynamic into the Markthalle. Their second record ‘Beneath the Surface’ was published last year, so ALPHA TIGER could present the seven best songs of their two records in their 45 minutes of playtime. For the end, Dietrich congratulated Backasch on his birthday. Being the first band playing must be a great birthday present.

Now it was time of some Scandinavian metal. For the very first time, PROFANE OMEN from Finland, were playing in Hamburg. They waited a long time for this to happen and showed the audience, how Scandinavian music works – after a short intro, a thunderstorm out of drums from Samuli Mikkonen came down, singer Jules Näveri banged with full body use and the guitarists Williami Kurki, Antti Kokkonen and bassist Antti Seroff were jumping across the stage. All in all it was rewarded with mosh pits, although most of the ...

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