Metal Dayz Beyond The Black Kryptos Dark Tranquility Edguy

Jan Termath

Pia Krah

19.09.2014 bis 20.09.2014

Metal Dayz

|| Beyond The Black || Kryptos || Dark Tranquility || Edguy ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

Next to the late summer festival Reeperbahn festival, there is also a place for lovers of the harder music genre: for the third time, the METAL DAYZ took place in the Markhalle in Hamburg. On two days, different Metal bands are performing on the stage of the big room. In the other hall, readings, workshops, comedy and expert rounds are given in the meantime. Also almost every band and writer is going to take an hour for signing and talking with their fans.

With some minutes delay, BEYOND THE BLACK opened the METAL DAYZ 2014. The so called „Female Fronted“ Metal band from Northern Germany had their third gig ever on this evening and they had even performed in Wacken this year. Singer Jennifer Haben is only 19 years old, but has a voice you want to listen to for hours. Very powerful and straightway clean, she shows how unique this band and genre is in Germany until now. Next to heavy guitars sounds and loud drums, there is also an, in places, calm song which is accompanying with Haben on the guitar. After almost half an hour and five songs, the magic is already over. Unfortunately, even if the time was very short, there was almost no interaction with the audience. But I’m hoping to hear more of this band soon, because there is the potential to something very big!

Coming all the way from India, KRYPTOS were ready to enter the stage. The band was formed in 1998, but until 2012, only three albums were published. In 45 minutes, eight songs were performed. The four-man band (Nolan Lewis at vocals and guitars, Rohit Chaturvedi for guitars, Ganesh Krishnaswamy at the bass and drummer Anthony Hoover) mixes up traditional melodic metal with thrash out of the 80’s and that, ...

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