Mesh Loewenhertz Empathy Test

Jan Termath

Linda Jane Moedebeck



|| Loewenhertz || Empathy Test ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

MESH´s 2016 album ‘Looking Skyward’ was a great success and so they are on tour for the second time with this fantastic album; “Touring Skyward” had its kick-off in Madrid and now having some dates in Germany, amongst them a show in Hamburg. On the last leg of “Touring Skyward”, the band is supported by EMPATHY TEST, who are well known already in the alternative/ gothic scene, and the not so well known LOEWENHERTZ.

LOEWENHERTZ consists of two very likeable boys from Augsburg, Germany. Their songs are poppy with charismatic electro-sounds. The lyrics are in German and English. Jose-Alvarez Brill produced the first LP ‘Irgendwo in Deutschland’. There are some parallels to WOLFSHEIM of course as the producer Jose works for WOLFSHEIM / HEPPNER and WITT, too.

LOEWENHERTZ began playing at 6 p.m. Oh yes, this was early in the evening. Too early for most of the people. The sound was a little bit shitty. After the show, I heard that the sound check for the support acts was only five minutes each because the technical people of MESH needed the rest of the time for building the construction for the cameras since MESH’s Hamburg show was recorded for a DVD production. I can’t understand why because with only so little preparation the support acts haven´t had the chance to present themselves the best way possible. That´s not fair at all. The light show was great and Andy and Alex made a decent job on stage. I hope we see us again but with a better sound next time.

The quite young band from London, UK, was founded in 2013 by Isaac Howlett (vocals) and Adam Relf (production). Unsigned yet, the Electronic Pop duo has already ...

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