Jan Termath

Pia Krah



Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg

KNORKATOR, the „most band of the world“, founded 1994 in Berlin, were on their „We want Mohr“-Tour and stopped at the Große Freiheit 36 in Hamburg. At the beginning of the year, the band published their sixth long-player and could not wait to present the new Fun Metal songs live to the fans. And the fans could not wait, too. The concert was not sold-out, but inside it felt like it, two times. The hall filled itself until the last minutes. Then, the lights went out.

KNORKATOR does not need a support band. KNORKATOR does not keep their fans waiting for too long. KNORKATOR were standing on stage in time at 7.30 pm and opened the concert with ‘Hymne’, the first verse about the beginning of the concert, and the second about the end. Did not expect anything else. During the second song ‘Schwanzlich Willkommen’, Alf Ator (Alexander Thomas, vocals, keyboard) helped assisted singer Stumpen (Gero Ivers) getting out of his tight overall. The whole procedure happened very acrobatically, with handstands and jumps. At the end, Stumpen was only wearing short leather pants and presented his remarkable tattoos – his left side is almost coloured black, with some big patterns. After the audience was welcomed with „Hello Hamburg!“, KNORKATOR went on quickly. The announcements were very short and this would go on like this during the concert. “The most band of the world” loves to play, and not to talk. During ‘Ding inne Schnauze’, Stumpen stole a camera from a fan from the first row. He put the camera first in front of his pants, then at the back, took it into the mouth and then the fan could get this camera back. If it still worked, I do not know.
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