Jan Termath

Pia Krah




That was a great evening! THE Stoner band from Hamburg really rocked the night. HYNE were performing in the frame of 48h Wilhelmsburg, a festival, specifically for Hamburg, and to be more specific: here occur only bands that are related to the Elbe islands.

Hamburg’s famous river, the Elbe, is divided into Northern and Southern Elbe, which together form the port area with the Elbe islands. In particular, the district is called Wilhelmsburg. You’re not from around here? Then you stay out! So it is true at least for the bands. And HYNE rehearses in Wilhelmsburg. Luckily, because a Hamburg festival has to include these guys absolutely! For one or another, HYNE may be a familiar name also outside of Hamburg. In the past years, HYNE shared the stage with important bands from the stoner scene e. g. FATSO JETSON, LONLEY KAMEL, GRANDLOOM and MONKEY 3. They also played great festivals like STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND 2013. For 2014 a release tour and also lots of festival shows are planned.

After a great year in 2013, the boys from Hamburg start the year 2014 with a new album, which was presented this night. Nine tracks define the modern stoner sound of the band. The five guys present a mix of blues, rock and heavy 70’s riffs. Their new album, ‘Elements’, brings big stoner hymns, groovy songs and even some laidback tunes. So, this was the evening to present a varied package. In addition to the songs from the new album, „old“ classics as ‘Poor ...

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