Five Finger Death Punch Pop Evil Upon A Burning Body

Jan Termath

Pia Krah


Five Finger Death Punch

|| Pop Evil || Upon A Burning Body ||

Große Freiheit 36, Hamburg

The Große Freiheit 36 was sold-out this evening according to their homepage, and it was not hard to believe. Many metal heads were standing in front of it to get in. The US Metal guys from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are going to perform on their „Wrong Side Of Heaven“ Tour and got another two bands with them, POP EVIL and UPON A BURNING BODY.

POP EVIL opened the concert on this evening. Quite on time at 8 pm they entered the stage. The five guys come from North Muskegon, Michigan and founded the band already in 2001. But only in 2008, the first long-player ‘Lipstick on the Mirror’ was published. Last year, POP EVIL’s third album came out, called ‘Onyx’. The guys around singer Leigh Kakaty are Dave Grahs (guitars and vocals), who is also like Kakaty founding member and Nick Fuelling (guitars), Matt DiRito (bass, vocals) and Chachi Riot (drums), who joined the band many years later after some member changes. With their Alternative Metal, they made a good start for the shows. Indeed Kakaty had some starting problems with the audience to make them do a little more party in the crowd, maybe their music was way too „soft“ for them, but was nice to listen to.
But POP EVIL did not intimidate by this, and at the end they got a bit earned celebrating. Another highlight is drummer Riot, who does a great honour to his name. He plays this instrument as if there would be no tomorrow and the crowd is scared if the drums would survive this attract. After nine songs, a bit over half an hour, they left again, but at the end, the audience were much better on it ...

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