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Großmarkt, Hamburg

Welcome to the Riot… AGAIN! First time in its four years history including a second day. Jazz Styx told you already about the Friday, so what’s coming up? This Saturday Line-up is packed perfectly and it seems almost like a dedication to some true old school metal stuff. NASTY, FEAR FACTORY, AT THE GATES, PARADISE LOST, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, CARCASS, MASTODON and of course: SLAYER.

A little rain at noon, how surprising in Hamburg. All the metal heads pilgrimage to the Großmarkt near the Elbe. There is something missing, someone. After THE front man of all times passed away last December and included the sad cancellation of MOTÖRHEAD in this year’s line-up, it looks like a little Lemmy-Tribute-Day, when you look at all the T-Shirts around. Nice to see.

But let’s start with Hardcore band NASTY. After some sound problems in the beginning, they get into a heavy, hard head-banging, breakdown-picked set. Anti-racism-, anti-social-media-big-mouths- and social injustice-statements underline the attitude. They do their best to get to the audience; it’s early and you are in Hamburg – nice, reserved fish-heads which need a little time to warm up. But NASTY stay on their course, and yeah, there is a bunch of moshers, and some will definitely check them out after the festival. NASTY are thankful and appeal to most as a good and really heavy opener. (Sympathy-Note: the shouter names the great 80’s fantasy movie ‘Legend’ with Tom Cruise as a thoughtful moment while watching it last time, asking himself (in a fucked up world): “Where has the innocence gone?“)

Now the sun comes out and it’s getting really warm. FEAR FACTORY is up now! After last year’s “Demanufacture-Anniversary Tour” on several continents, they’re into it: ‘Demanufacture’ and ‘Self Bias Resistor’ opens. Alright! Sound is blasting but singer Burton is not pleased, he complains a little pissed: “What the fuck is wrong with you, Hamburg! Standing there ...

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