Elbriot Sabaton Powerwolf Steel Panther Testament

Jan Termath

Jazz Styx



|| Sabaton || Powerwolf || Steel Panther || Testament ||

Großmarkt, Hamburg

Two weeks after the Wacken Open Air you can hear its mighty echo in Hamburg: the ELBRIOT. For the first time the festival in the middle of the Hanseatic city will be two days long. Today at the first day there will only be main acts: TESTAMENT, STEEL PANTHER, POWERWOLF and SABATON.

If a festival starts with a band like TESTAMENT, witch per definition is a subject for the end, you know, that there will be just high-quality music today. But it also shows that there is no room for newcomers at the ELBRIOT. TESTAMENT are calling their music “old school Thrash Metal” and they exactly know, what they’re playing. Like everything “old school” it’s dividing the audience: for many it’s too old fashioned, for many it’s real and pure. TESTAMENT are thrashing through a little more than 40 minutes of a program very close to the public – with lots of “Yeah!” – lots and lots of “Yeah!”.

To celebrate STEEL PANTHER adequately or at least to get through their concert, I recommend a cocktail consisting of  alcohol and caffeine. “Tits!” Before the drinks are kicking in, I notice, that round about 0.5 performances of STEEL PANTHER within a year are more than enough, and I wonder, how hard it must be, to stay the course of this over sexualized Glam Metal attitude one concert after another. “Tits!” But my pity dissolves in the effect of the drinks and some kind of moderate enthusiasm emerges – not so much for the music but for their weird all over presence. ...

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