Devildriver Sylosis

Jan Termath

Pia Krah



|| Sylosis ||

Gruenspan, Hamburg

For their last show in Germany, DEVILDRIVER had chosen the Gruenspan in Hamburg. The guys from Santa Barbara, California, released their new and sixth album, ‘Winter Kills’, already in August 2013 and were now finally playing a show for their German head bangers. Actually, DEVILDRIVER brought along two bands for support. But unfortunately, BLEED FROM WITHIN could not perform this night because of an car accident on the road. So SYLOSIS were the only opener.

One men’s misfortune is another men’s luck: because they were the only opening act, SYLOSIS also got more time to play a longer show. To many people of the audience the band must been known, because they immediately reciprocated the greeting of band as they entered the stage and hold their fists up high. The four British men got the crowd with nine songs into the right mood. Singer and lead guitarist Josh Middleton wished right for the beginning wall of deaths and circle pits, which the audience perfectly fulfilled. He and his three guys Alex Bailey (guitars), Carl Parnell (bass) and Robert David Callard (drums) could hold the joy to bang along always high with their mix of Thrash and Melodic Death Metal. For the main act, it was the right choice.

For fourteen years now, DEVILDRIVER are in the business and are a fixed size in the world of Death and Thrash Metal. Consisting of singer Bradley James “Dez“ Fafara, two guitarists Mike Spreitzer and Jeff Kendrick, Chris Towning for bass and John Boecklin on the drums, the guys from the US are touring in Europe. The last album ‘Winter Kills’ collected many good criticism and now DEVILDRIVER wanted to show the German fans, that they are on the stage as well as on ...

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