Combichrist William Control

Jan Termath

Pia Krah



|| William Control ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

An evening of Aggrotech and Rhythm ’n‘ Noise: COMBICHRIST came to Hamburg on the “We Love You” tour and brought along WILLIAM CONTROL as their support. As we arrived, the Markthalle where the event happened is pretty crowded, but it is no wonder. The show was shifted two hours later because of an accident on the road. But it was possible to enter the Markthalle at the normal entry time at 7.30 pm, so some fans who did not know about it might have waited for a long, long time. But this would be well rewarded.

Even though two waiting hours, there was still place in the room of the Markthalle, when WILLIAM CONTROL from the US entered the stage and opened the show. WILLIAM CONTROL, a side project from AIDEN singer Wil Francis, acts a bit like thrown together when looking at the outfits of the band members. Francis, who might looked like an Elvis Presley vampire, drummer Keef West dressed like a typical COMBICHRIST fan and then Nick Wiggins (bass) and Kenneth Fletcher (guitars) in plain shirt, but perfectly harmonize in their music. The Darkwave sound is well chosen for the support of the main act and while the room is getting fuller and fuller, the mood is also rising.
Francis lays down kind of a yoyo show with his microphone when he is not singing and West simply looks cute on the minimalistic version of a drum set in front of him. The band plays its full planned show of nine songs, no matter of the delay. But only before the last songs, Francis started to lose a few words to the crowd. But all in all did WILLIAM CONTROL create a great mood for the upcoming headliner of the night.

The Norwegian band COMBICHRIST, who was founded in 2003 by front man Andy LaPlegua, was first thought as solo studio project. But with the ...

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