Caliban Suicide Silence Any Given Day To The Rats And Wolves

Jan Termath

Jazz Styx


Suicide Silence

|| Any Given Day || To The Rats And Wolves ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

Suitable for the time of the year the stage will burn four times today: CALIBAN and SUICIDE SILENCE are bringing special guests ANY GIVEN DAY and TO THE RATS AND WOLVES. This night there will be Core in the Markthalle in Hamburg, Core in many different colors.

Eiffel 65’s song ‘Blue’, air raid warning siren, EDM club sounds, TO THE RATS AND WOLVES. The Metalcore guys with some playful Trancecore elements start an instant party. There is rarely a concert beginning to escalate that fast. The moshing pit boils like heated by an induction hob. Especially likable are the Post-Hardcore parts, which are to be found primarily in ‘Starting All Over’ from the new album ‘Dethroned’. “Spring, dance, spit, have fun, do what you want!” Dixi Wu is shouting into the fans’ faces. And so there is a circle pit during ‘Riot’ and maybe the dancing’s maximum at ‘Wild At Heart’, but the set ends without ‘Young.Used.Wasted’ being played – that’s sad for the fans that followed the band from the beginning.

The beginning of ANY GIVEN DAY’s program it seems as if they’d play heavy metal, before intense Metalcore fills the Markthalle. Quickly you can see that there is an ongoing evolution in their music: less Metalcore, more metal. ‘Rebels’ is the name of one of the best songs from the new album ‘Everlasting’ they’re playing today. While Dennis Diehl, the monstrous front man, is singing and shouting toughly, young humans are flying over the ...

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