Alter Bridge Skillet

Jan Termath

Pia Krah


Alter Bridge

|| Skillet ||

Stadtpark, Hamburg

After their big festivals gigs at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, ALTER BRIDGE came for one exclusive concert to the Stadtpark in Hamburg and brought along SKILLET as support and the best weather for an open air concert. Because of that fact, many curious listeners camped in the near of the stage in the city park and listened to the music from the outside of the terrain. We went in just in time, at least when you believe the announcement. But when we were in, we got a bad surprise and were not the only one, for which the evening started with a disappointment…

According to the tickets, and even confirmed in advance by the organizer, the official beginning of the concert should be at 6:30 pm. But when we and many other fans, especially of the Nu Metal and Alternative Rock band SKILLET, entered the terrain of the city park stage, the band already played for fifteen minutes. With a short setlist out of seven songs, half of the opening concert was almost over by the time we entered [and so we also cannot show you pictures here]. The space in front of the stage was accordingly sparsely filled and many fans were not very happy about this fact. But SKILLET, coming from Memphis, Tennessee, seemed not to care too much about the small audience. They jumped across the stage and drummer Jen Ledger was bursting with energy and lets it all out to her drums. The only left founding member John Cooper, who is the lead singer and bassist of the band, always found enough energy for a clean singing next to all the jumps and moves.

Cooper’s wife Korey, also a member of the band, changed always between her keyboards and her guitar. At least we have lead-guitarist Seth Morrison, the only one who does not sing in the band, jumped around just like Cooper. SKILLET already published eight studio ...

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