Aesthetic Perfection Nyxx William Control

Jan Termath

Linda Jane Moedebeck


Aesthetic Perfection

|| Nyxx || William Control ||

Markthalle, Hamburg

The last days was typical April – rainy, sunny, windy, cold, rainy, sunny, windy… This weather isn’t very comfortable for a good mood, but I was so excited to see the crazy guys from AESTHETIC PERFECTION again, that no shitty weather or my broken car can destroy my happiness.

NYXX from L.A. had the chance to get the party started and began at about 8:30pm. The girl did this very well. In the venue weren´t too many people at the beginning, but NYXX performed like a real rock star. I will never forget the moment when she came on stage. She was smiling and saying “Hi I’m NYXX“ and then she started with a glance and her song ‘Nightmare’. Oh my goodness! I had never heard something from NYXX before but in this moment I was knowing I´m going to hear and see her as often as I can in the future. She´s cute, very sexy, her style is really hot and her voice goes deep. There were no instruments at the stage – all music was playback, only her voice was live. Yes this is irritating in the first moment, especially when you hear a drum set playing.

But NYXX has so fantastic charisma and voice that you don´t need nothing more on stage. She was dancing so hot, that mostly of the boys in the crowd were overreacting. She was playing six songs, had one shot and made a performance on very high high-heels. Respect girl – you are cool!

After a little break and a short line-check the stage went dark and WILLIAM CONTROL came on stage and starting his show with ‘The Monster’ ...

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